In June of this year, Inc., in an article, argued that poker made better CEOs. “Poker forced me to listen to the opponent’s verbal and nonverbal cues — is his hand moving, is he looking at me, can you see his pulse beating in the side of his neck, is he sweating? Over time, you improve your read on people,” Tom Popomaronis, founder of OpiaTalk, was quoted as saying.

“But does it make for a better CEO? Not really. There are many CEOs out there who don’t play poker. But here’s the thing, it makes you a better decision maker, which is what CEOs do,” says’s Puneet Chawla.

“Ratan Tata once said, I don’t always make the right decisions. But the decisions I take, I work towards making them right. That’s the spirit of poker. You are dealt with a set of cards and you have to use strategy, patience and every available bit of insight about the other person to win that game. I’ve had the very bad days but I’ve also learned a great deal. Plus, it’s a great way to network and I use poker to just relax and unwind — almost like meditation.”

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